Smoking marijuana may not be the right thing to do.

Using marijuana may not be the right thing to do and its use may in fact turn out to be bad for us in ways we never imagined. Who knows what ills may befall us from indulging in marijuana. I can’t predict the future but I don’t believe any results good or bad will be universal. The evidence to date, if the lies told by our government are to be discounted, are that marijuana use does not seem to increase mortality and may even have some curative properties. I use marijuana knowing it may cause me harm and I’ll take my chances. If I start endangering people or causing offense, feel free and with my blessings make me stop. I have no desire to cause harm or offense to anyone. All I want is to live my life at peace with society.

But what is wrong, is for our elected officials to take away our right to make decisions about our own personal health and safety and our right to live our lives as we see fit. It doesn’t just affect marijuana users but people all across America who just want to live their lives in peace. Recent stories in the news have been about people cited and prosecuted for lemonade stands, home gardens, trapping rain water on your own land, smoking in your own house, selling or drinking raw milk, selling large sugary drinks and Michelle Obama with her Presidential Executive Authority has put all school children on a diet. I for one am outraged by the audacity of people in society to even think they should have that much control over anyone. We are supposed to be a free people, free to decide for ourselves how we want to live our lives. My personal use of marijuana certainly does not put me in as much risk as some other activities people regularly participate in. The alleged harm caused by marijuana to users and society has been grossly overstated and the motivation for the misinformation remains unclear. Even if the allegations of harm to the individual were true, it still would not justify taking away our freedom. Whatever reason our government has for continuing this war against fellow Americans, I see no justification for it. If there is something about marijuana use that harms society what is it?

Tolerance for diversity among people and their differing habits and customs is essential to maintaining freedom. We cannot limit someone elses freedom without limiting our own. In fact freedom is similar to love in that it only works when we give it to others even when they do things we may not like or approve of. If other people’s activities do not harm us or infringe on our freedom we should not prevent them. If those activities are offensive, or indecent, then public decency laws can be used to prevent public display. The use of prohibition as a tool to prevent unwanted activity only serves to drive that activity out of public view while harming our relationship with law enforcement and creating an illegal trade market and an increase in violent crime as the court system is no longer an option to settle business disputes. Also with any illegal market, regulating purchases as age appropriate becomes impossible.

I understand why people do not want their children exposed to drugs including alcohol. I believe marijuana should be regulated by age like alcohol. But to deny adults an option to alcohol that is safer and less harmful, not only to themselves but to society as well, only causes harm to society and diminishes our freedom.

Please call or write to your Congressman, Senator and President and tell them to restore our freedom.

Randy Johnson

End the War on Marijuana Now

This letter was mailed today to the President, all members of the United States Congress and to several news organizations to try to reach as many Americans as possible.

To the President of the United States, to members of the United States Congress, and to all Americans,
As Americans we are supposed to be a free people. Our Declaration of Independence even goes so far as to state that we have unalienable rights ordained by God and among those rights are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. These three items encompass the whole of how we choose to live our lives from the choices we make about religion to the type of food we choose to consume and how much. It also encompasses our choices of what are acceptable risks for us in our daily lives and our right to self-defense. If we are not allowed to choose what risks are acceptable for us as individuals we are not free at all, but only free to do as we are told. In short, decisions about our own personal health and safety are ours. They do not belong to society or to those who govern us. Our freedom was paid for with the blood of fellow Americans. The most sacred trust we have in our elected officials is that they protect that freedom.
The war against marijuana and the people who use marijuana is a direct assault on those rights and needs to end immediately. We are not the enemy of this country, we are Americans. We have been legally separated from society, labeled criminals, denied employment, had our children removed from our custody, had our property seized, stripped of our Second Amendment rights, and are no longer secure in our personal property due to improper searches. We have neither been represented nor had a chance to present any defense in face of the accusations of our supposed harm to society. Should we not have had a day in court before being stripped of our constitutional rights?
It is time for these hostilities to end. It is time to end the war against marijuana and the people who use it. Our freedoms are just as important as anyone else’s. Of the 3 most common recreational drugs, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana; marijuana is the safest from a medical standpoint and safer than alcohol from an at risk behavior standpoint. What is so horrible about marijuana that society must try to ruin our lives? We are not harming this country. If marijuana use is so offensive that it cannot be seen in public, then forbid public display, but stop ruining people’s lives for choosing a drug that is safer for the individual and society than alcohol or tobacco and leave us alone. All we really want is to live in peace with society. We are not the enemy, we are Americans.
Please support house bill H.R 2306 titled “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011
Randy Johnson
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