Public Awareness Can’t Hurt


I have been wearing one of these buttons when I go out in public and the overall feedback has been positive. Actually few people have said anything at all, but the ones who have spoken, have shown support. What I hope to accomplish is to engage people who are opposed to legalization of marijuana in conversation, and hopefully dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about marijuana and its users. I will not push people into conversation but will always be ready to answer any question posed to me. If we can talk to one another about marijuana maybe we can end the war on marijuana users and find our place in society. Anyway just wearing the button makes people aware that we are here and we are not going away, even if they are not ready to talk about our place in society. I would encourage anyone who is interested in marijuana legalization to wear a marijuana leaf when out in public if they can do so without jeopardizing their employment or freedom to show support for legalization and to make others aware that we are among them. As long as we treat people with kindness and respect it can only help our cause.


Randy Johnson

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