Mission Statement

The initial purpose of this company is to promote the legalization of marijuana at the federal level through the use of national advertising, although I will not rule out using these same tools to fight any encroachment to personal freedom. I am starting this company with money from my personal retirement which is very limited. I plan to fund this endeavor with donations from like-minded people and I vow that at least 90% of all donations will go directly toward advertising. The financial records of this company will be posted on this web site so anyone may know how much money has been donated and how it was spent. It will be a for profit company to avoid undue regulation of its activities by the IRS. However I will keep the money spent on advertising to prevent it being taxed as profit. All advertising must be respectful and accurate. I want to show marijuana users in a positive light and promote the use of hemp as a viable alternative to many products currently is use. The war against marijuana and its users has gone virtually unanswered by the marijuana using public far too long. Public protests have generally been letters to the editors in a few newspapers or a 420 gathering at a park and go almost unnoticed by the general public. I believe it is time for us to send a loud clear and continuous message to our fellow citizens and our government representatives that we are Americans and our freedom is just as important as theirs and we will not go quietly into the night. We are here to stay. Most of us are not in a position where we can speak out for fear of loosing our jobs or being harassed by law enforcement and that is why I have decided to take a stand and be your voice if you will have me. With your support and donations I would be honored to bring your message to the rest of America and our representatives.

Randy Johnson

2 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. amen, I wish I could. I am not ready to face to the truth yet and marijuana not hurt or any damage to your body. all i have to say that Cigratte is the worse one than marijuana.

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