Fellow Americans

We the people have certain rights that are not listed in the Constitution of The United States. The Declaration of Independence named some of these rights as life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We also have the right to self-defense. We have the right to own property and to sell or trade that property. People are not property. We can’t be owned. Nor can the government tell us how to live our lives. We are a free people. We must be allowed to make all the judgments and decisions about our own health and
safety. These are decisions that make us who we are and the essence of our freedom.

With that in mind I want to bring up several violations of our freedom by The United States Government, which should be trying to protect our freedom not take it away.

The Constitution declares that we have the right to keep and bear arms but you have allowed states and even our capital to deny our right to be armed and to self defend. My right to self defend and bear arms should be the same anywhere in these United States. Vermont got it right.

The war on drugs is by far the most invasive and prevalent violation. We have the right to celebrate life as we see fit without interference from the government. People have been celebrating life with food, alcohol and other drugs, and risky acts since the beginning of history and as long as we can do so in a responsible manner these celebrations should not be regulated. There is no moral difference between drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and the laws need to reflect that.
The United States Government has in collusion with employers and insurance companies made it very difficult for people who use marijuana to earn a living. We have also been denied a right to purchase or possess firearms. (Gun Control Act ;922(g)(3), 922(d)(3), 478.32(a)(3), 478.32(d)(3)). Since there is little if any evidence to indicate that marijuana in any way promotes violence, our right to self-defense and the right to keep and bear arms should not be abridged arbitrarily without our chance to defend our rights in court.  We have not been represented or allowed to present evidence in our defense. We have been legally separated from society, labeled criminals and persecuted for little if any reason or cause. In some cases children have been taken away from parents just because the parents use marijuana. What if this was done to people who use alcohol. This is a revocation of our right to pursue happiness and the general act of living our lives and it was done without so much as a hearing. What happened to our day in court? Our freedoms are just as important as anyone else’s and should not be taken away just because some people are offended. Local decency laws are adequate to prevent people from doing things in public if they are offensive. If there is something so bad about smoking marijuana that it can’t even be done in private then what is it? End the war on drugs. We are not the enemy. We are Americans!

Seat belt laws and helmet laws are a violation of our right to make our own decisions about our health and safety. While these are great safety items that do save lives and prevent injury the decision to use them is ours and our alone.

Property taxes beyond the tax on the sale are a violation of our right to own property. My property does not belong to the government and I shouldn’t have to keep paying rent (annual taxes) on it to keep it or to will it to others past my death.  It is wrong for government to use eminent domain laws to force the sale of private property from one private entity to another. Imminent domain should only be used to secure necessary infrastructure such as utility easements and roadways and genuine public needs.

While I believe the new airport screenings are also a violation of our rights against illegal searches they are necessary and should continue. Keep in mind the people who
are going through the security screenings to fly are for the most part  the same
people who work everyday to support our economy and way of life. They are also the same people who are sending their sons and daughters to war or maybe have gone themselves to defend our freedoms and way of life and should be treated as such during screenings. We are not the enemy. We are Americans.

What I want from my Government and our leaders if for them to present open honest leadership that keeps our country competitive with other countries for trade, and promotes freedom for all mankind, not by interfering with foreign powers but by being a shining beacon of freedom, fairness and tolerance for diversity. I also want a government that is fiscally responsible. We should have never gotten to the level of debt we have and a serious plan to make our country solvent should be implemented immediately. We need to maintain our strong military but should not use our powers of war except in defense of our country or other countries in alliance with us. People are responsible for their leadership in countries that honor democratic procedures for electing officials. People are also responsible for their leadership when tyrants control their country. If people want to be free they must decide for themselves to throw off oppression from their leaders and not rely on foreign powers to save them. Its only when people will make a stand for freedom that it is won. Sadly our freedom was bought with the blood of our forefathers and our sons and daughters. Our most sacred trust in our elected officials is that they protect that freedom.

God Bless America
Randy Johnson