Is Marijuana That Bad

The question that troubles me the most about the whole prohibition of marijuana thing is this, what is so terrible about using marijuana that society wants to ruin our lives? I’ve thought long and hard on this issue and I still come up empty-handed. Most of the people who use marijuana are just everyday people. We shop together, we eat together in restaurants, our kids go to school with your kids and some of us attend church. In fact it is very likely that someone you love may use marijuana. We see each other at games and movies and nobody seems to notice. Our lives are intertwined and the same things that are important in your lives are the same things that are important in ours. In essence we are just like the rest of society, struggling to pay our bills, trying to keep up with our children and handle the problems in our lives the best we can. The difference is we choose marijuana over alcohol. Is that really enough of a reason to cause us harm?
Please call your Congressmen, Senators and President and ask them to stop the war against marijuana.
Randy Johnson