My Spice For Life

I’m not trying to escape life or tune out. Marijuana is like a spice for life to me, like salt on beef or sugar in tea. I don’t smoke to become intoxicated, just to get that special feeling and enjoy my day. Not that the day would not be enjoyed anyway, I just like that feeling. I like the taste and the smell, and I like that it doesn’t make me feel bad the next day like alcohol. I also like that it doesn’t affect my reasoning like alcohol. I don’t believe it makes me stupid, although I do stupid things from time to time. The feeling associated with being high on marijuana is very much like the feeling of being high on alcohol. But that is where the similarities end. While I may be a little less coordinated when high, it would be impossible to smoke enough marijuana to prevent me from walking or performing other simple tasks, as long as I remained awake. Marijuana leaves you with a sense of diminished ability which you compensate for by being more careful or working harder. Marijuana is a very distracting drug and I believe that is why it makes us seem forgetful. All the different strains of marijuana produce a slightly different high. Some strains produce more of a body high and some more of a head high, some strains make you sleepy and some invigorate and some incapacitate. I enjoy doing routine tasks when I’m high such as cleaning the garage or working in the yard, camping, fishing, cooking, etc… I have heard several women tell me it makes housecleaning more enjoyable. I have read many reports about the health effects marijuana has on us and several studies have shown that marijuana use does not seem to increase mortality. I understand that is not definitive proof that marijuana is harmless and I am willing to accept that my health may be harmed by future or past use of marijuana. I don’t feel a need for marijuana in my life, I just like it.
My wife and I raised two children who are now honest hardworking men that are self-sufficient; they treat their wives well and are an asset to society. They respect the government, the rule of law and the rights of others. They are generous and helpful to others in need and kind in spirit. They also have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. I couldn’t be more proud of my children and I give all the credit to them. My wife and I tried to instill a strong moral compass in our children by being a good example, but they decided who and what they wanted to be.
I kept my marijuana use a secret from them when they were young because I didn’t want that to be part of their decision on who they wanted to be, but my discontent with America’s drug policies have always been the same. I don’t believe we deserve to have the power of the Federal Government used to try to ruin our lives. Please don’t hate me because I get high. I’m just trying to get through life just like you.
And from all of us that are closet pot smokers. We’re the people you see at soccer games and football games, the same people you see in the restaurants or at the beach, we go to movies and concerts, we fly kites and play with Frisbees. We like bowling and sports and enjoy other activities. Our children go to school with your children and some of us even go to church with you. Please stop the war against people who choose to use marijuana. We are not your enemies, we’re your neighbors, and with 20 million or so of us, it’s very likely that someone you love uses marijuana. Please call or write to your Congressmen, Senators and President and ask them to stop the war on marijuana.
Randy Johnson