What Can I Do To Help

Tracy from Twin Falls, Idaho called and asked what he could do to help and this is a copy of the letter I sent him as I believe it applies to all who want to get involved.

Thanks for your interest in the legalization of marijuana. There are several things that you as an individual can do. Most important is to write to your Congressman, Senator and President and tell them that you believe it is time for the Federal Government to get out of the business of trying to ruin the lives of Americans for something morally indifferent than drinking alcohol, and don’t neglect to vote. I know NORML.org and MPP.org have a place on their web sites where you can get the names and addresses of your representatives by typing in your zip code. ACLU.org posts the voting records and a biography of your representatives by zip code. Become active and vocal about your support for marijuana legalization by talking to your friends and anyone else who will listen. There are many good pro marijuana organizations that fight for legalization of marijuana in different ways. A little time on the computer would likely help you find an organization that fits your goals and beliefs. All of these organizations rely on donations to pay their bills and need any money that you could donate. You might even want to start some kind of fund raiser such as a bake sale. Don’t do anything illegal as your arrest and incarceration would not help you or our cause. The main thing is to educate ourselves so that we can present our cause in a rational manner that will influence those who haven’t made up their mind about marijuana and possibly change the minds of those who are against it.
Live Free My Friends
Randy Johnson