Thanks T J and God bless you

T J from Corpus Christi, TX,
I have been thinking a lot about what you wrote concerning using Gods Word to justify sin and you are right. I do not want to lead anyone to believe that God approves of marijuana use. The only recreational drug I have found reference to in scripture is alcohol and the Bible clearly states that drunkenness is a sin. But T J we must use scripture to justify our actions if we truly believe in God or we are not following God’s will. I do not know what God thinks of marijuana and scripture is silent on this issue. I do know however that God loves the truth and that is clearly stated over and over in scripture.
I am not advocating that anyone use any drug including marijuana. I just want to get our government out of the business of trying to ruin people’s lives because of it. If marijuana is so bad that it must be banned from all aspects of society then why does our government use lies and misinformation to keep public opinion against marijuana and sustain this unjust war? I am doing this, not out of a love for marijuana, but a love for the truth and people close to me that I believe are unjustly punished by the War on Drugs.
As for personal use of marijuana I would suggest prayer, fear and careful consideration because nothing could be worse than to fall into the hands of an angry God.
Thanks a lot T J
God Bless You
Randy Johnson

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‎Friday, ‎July ‎06, ‎2012, ‏‎11:52:38 PM | Tj from corpus Christi tx
Your right and your wrong and I think you are wrong to use the bible to convince people that sin is ok let me ask you this is it ok for some one to smoke crack, sale dope, use heroine or any other kind of drug for that matter as long as they do it conservitilty?if you said yes to this then you agree that it’s ok for people to Rape, steal, kill and do what they please and use that same excuse that it’s ok because I only raped,killed,or only stole from one person wrong is wrong no matter how you look at it and that why god not man created laws for people like you and your way of thinking and to answer your question yes we’re free to do as we’re told and yes we’re free people the choice is yours and so are the consequences on the other hand I agree that as long as what you do doesn’t affect any one around you or impair your way of thinking then go for it that’s your choice as a free man and gods gift to you to decide what’s right and what’s wrong and make the right decision I just want to warn you watch what you say because the power of the tongue is strong and you can get many people to believe that god said for them to go smoke weed and be happy choose your words more carefully and try not to use god to get what you want unless it’s everlasting life because the same words that come out your mouth can be the same words That condem you, you asked for a reply so here it is and if your serious about how you feel you’ll post it and just so you know my name is Theodore Coleman I go by tj on the streets I’m from north side corpus Christi tx I’m no preacher and far from a saint but I’m also not scared to share how I feel on my beliefs about god can you do the same ill be looking forward to your reply thank you and god bless

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  1. I disagree the Bible is not silent Marijuana is a herb and it is clearly state in Genisis the god gave us all the herbs of the eat for use to partake of.

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