Congress Ignored Prohibition And Bought Liquor During Prohibition

The history of George Cassidy’s bootlegging operation in the House of Representatives and The U.S. Senate are chronicled by Green Hat Gin where 4 out of 5 members of Congress ignored the Volstead Act, and purchased illegal alcohol for their own consumption in the Halls of Congress. George Cassidy even had an office in the basement of the Cannon House Office Building for 5 years until Capital Police caught him bringing illegal liquor into the Cannon House Office Building. He was never prosecuted for the crime but simply moved his office to the Russell Senate Office Building and continued his bootlegging business for another 5 years. Then as now Congress holds itself above the law while holding us accountable to their dictate.

Congress quietly rolls back insider trading rules for itself.

Congress gets special attention and exemptions for health care coverage.

Congress gets free trips from lobbyists.

Congress exempt from security protocols at airport security.

Free vacations for Congressional staff paid for by foreign governments.

Congress gives special deals to campaign contributors.

Congress is exempt from a number of Federal laws protecting employee rights such as whistleblower protections, protections from retaliation, and compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act among others.

Political conventions lush with perks and free booze.

Are members of Congress pubic servants or just self-serving?

Randy Johnson