Is Life Precious To You

Life is precious to me. I believe life is a gift from God and it should be cherished. For that reason I am opposed to abortion. I don’t want to be judgemental or anything like that, but Americans have aborted over 50 million children since the Row vs Wade decision. I won’t pretend to understand why people decide to abort their child, but I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision. I fear that God may be angry about those lives that he gave, that were snuffed out without a chance for life outside the womb. Individually I’m sure that God would forgive this action if approached with repentant prayer, but what about our nation? Doesn’t God judge nations as well as individuals? Aren’t we all guilty since we have elected our leaders? Don’t we share some of the responsibility? I believe we do and we should take action to try to alleviate the problem. I’m not talking about making abortion illegal, that is an issue that needs to be settled with the Constitution by declaring when we become people and when we first have rights. I’m talking about offering to accept responsibility for the child’s future until adulthood. I believe it is our responsibility as the Church to at the very least offer sanctuary those unborn children. Churches are the best organizations to handle this situation. Church run orphanages could give pregnant women the option to just give their child away rather that terminate the pregnancy and the Church could function as the family for the orphans with volunteers through the church. If churches across the nation would unite in this cause, we might be able to prevent a large number of abortions. Instead of addressing the problem with disapproval, and legally, it could be met with a loving option. The offer to raise their child in a loving environment until adulthood.

When I was much younger, my girlfriend at the time became pregnant, and she and her mother decided to abort that child. While I expressed my opposition to that decision, I was told I had no say in the matter. Since then my wife and I have lost 4, and raised two boys to manhood. We wanted to adopt but were turned down because of my previous marijuana possession convictions. My point is that I love children and if you don’t want to raise your child, I would be glad to take on that task. I would take them ALL and find a way to give them a loving home and meet their needs to grow into responsible adults. If churches across the country would join together and offer this to any person who cannot or does not want the responsibility to raise their children, then we could at the very least, decrease the number of abortions performed in this country. It is my hope and prayer that we are not held accountable as a nation because we looked the other way as millions of lives were erased.

God Please Forgive Us

Randy Johnson