The First Lady has Presidential Executive Authority Too

I just read a news story at by David James about Michelle Obama’s new school lunch mandates through the Department of Agriculture.

It is a very good article and mentions the dissatisfaction of the students where they complain that they do not like the food and they get less food for more money. The article even delves into the question of how does the Constitution give her or the Department of Agriculture the authority to mandate menus in our school cafeterias. A friend told me that the school in Stinnett, TX is only allowed to serve meat 3 times a week and not allowed to bake fresh rolls. I really don’t know if this is typical of menus around the country but if it is, Michelle Obama put all of America’s school children on a diet by Federal Mandate to control childhood obesity.

Where is the public outrage? Why should the Federal Government be in charge of setting menus for anyone? Are we not capable of deciding what to eat? Are forced diets on the rest of us in our future or will they just make food too expensive to eat? If we continue to allow our elected leaders to mandate how we live our lives we will be doomed to a life of slavery. We will have no freedoms unless granted by those in charge.

This is government excess at its worst and only we the people can change it by standing unified, demanding that the government acknowledge and honor our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and all the rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. Never should our Government have such a control over how we live our lives, but the only people who can stop it are us. If Americans don’t start standing up for their freedom soon, it will be very difficult to get back. Remember most of the freedom we enjoy was paid for with the blood and fortunes of fine men.

Randy Johnson