Our Freedom is in Peril

I just watched a video at infowars.com about President Obama authorizing the Justice Department to confiscate firearms from anyone caught abusing drugs or alcohol. http://www.infowars.com/new-attack-on-2nd-amendment-obama-says-substance-abusers-cannot-own-firearms/ In effect you might lose your right to bear arms and have all your firearms confiscated for a public intoxication charge. The thing about confiscated property is that it is difficult to prove your property innocent which is required to get it returned to you and you do not have to be found guilty of any crime to have your property confiscated. Property does not have the presumption of innocence that we as citizens are supposed to have as a constitutional right along with the right to bear arms. Actually it has been illegal for anyone who uses any illicit drug or has an alcohol addiction to own firearms or ammunition since the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act which made several amendments to the Gun Control Act of 1968. Marijuana users and people with any drinking problem became felon criminals at that time if they owned a firearm. The police so far have mostly used this law against anyone caught in possession of a firearm while being arrested for possession or sale of illegal drugs or DUI arrests. Now it seems if you are arrested they will ask if you own any firearms or they may already know and confiscate all of your firearms and ammunition and impose more charges against you for possessing illegal firearms.

People who choose to use marijuana have been persecuted and prosecuted for little if any reason for a very long time starting in 1937 at the federal level with a campaign against marijuana based on lies and scare tactics to protect Randolph Hurst and the Dupont company from competition. That continued until 1972 when Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs with marijuana as “public enemy number one”. That war has been waged without any violent protests from marijuana users to this day that I am aware of and yet in 1986, 14 years after our government declared war on us they decided since they were at war with us they should make it illegal for us to own firearms or ammunition. Still no violent protests about our rights being taken away without trial or representation, and now they want to escalate this war against a peaceful portion of society by taking our firearms from our homes so we will be defenseless. Soon we will no longer be able to hide our marijuana use due to the increased surveillance becoming available to local police. Police will soon have the use of high-resolution spy drones, a laser powered molecular scanner that can tell if you use or posses any illegal drugs or alcohol from a distance of 50 meters and will be able to scan large numbers of people simultaneously and pinpoint people in possession of firearms. They will also have the ability to read all your texts and email and track your location for months or even years without making you aware. We will in essence have nowhere to hide and no-knock warrants are becoming much too common.

If you think it can’t get any worse the Department of Homeland Security which seems to control all of the Justice Department is in the process of purchasing enough ammunition to fight a large drawn out war. I fear this election may signal an end of freedom as we know it. President Obama said in his first presidential campaign that he wanted a Federal Police Force as large and well equipped as our military. It may already be in place if he can use our national guard to disarm us as they did the citizens of New Orleans in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

We don’t have a very good choice for president in my opinion. While I liked some of the ideas that Ron Paul presented, trying to play fair with the Republicans seems to have taken him out of the race. Mitt Romney is really the only candidate that presents any serious competition to Obama at this time and his policies are a lot like Obama’s policies in many ways. Both are very anti-drug including marijuana. While Mitt Romney has stated that he will fight the legalization of marijuana tooth and nail, President Obama has a more subversive approach. It seems he will tell you one thing and then do the opposite, like when he said he wouldn’t use the Justice Department to circumvent state medical marijuana laws while he actually increased the interdiction of medical marijuana. He has also said that the war on drugs is a failure yet marijuana arrests are at an all time high under his regime. Mitt Romney is more in favor of gun ownership that President Obama. Both candidates are in favor of government-run health care, Romney just wants to change it to suit himself. Both candidates favor more government control and regulation of our personal lives, just in different ways.Their foreign policies are also similar in their hawkish attitude toward promoting democracy. I just wish they were more in favor of personal freedom.

I have been impressed with Gary Johnson the Libertarian candidate but he has a very slim chance of winning. He is in favor of gun ownership as a basic right. Johnson supports the legalization of marijuana and the restoration of the Constitution as our guide to self-government. Johnson also supports a non-intervention foreign policy platform and fiscal responsibility from our government. Many have said that a vote for an independent will only secure a victory for Obama by taking votes away from the only serious contender. Vote for the lesser of two evils they say. Well I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. Both Democrats and Republicans have been marching us down the road to a bigger more intrusive government and our rights are being whittled away faster than I ever imagined possible. Together they have driven our country to the brink of financial ruin and show no sign of changing course. They have a strangle hold on our government and have made independent candidates virtually unelectable with campaign laws stacked against competition, yet our only real hope for change that brings us back to the principles established by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution is to seek leaders who share those values and will fight to preserve our freedom. The most sacred trust we have in our elected officials is that they protect our freedom. Freedom I might add that was paid for with the blood of our fellow Americans. I believe Gary Johnson is such a man.




Whatever your political beliefs are, I implore you to register and vote. It is not the majority of the people who win elections but the majority of those who vote and way too many Americans do not vote, or they vote without knowing what the candidates stand for. To ensure a free America for our children and their children we must take control of our nation back from the Republicans and the Democrats. A candidate who owes allegiance to a political party or the lobbyist that fund their campaigns may not have your best interest at heart.

Please call or write to your Congressmen, Senators and the President and tell them you want an end to the war on marijuana and our freedom restored. If we don’t take a stand for our freedom we will continue to lose it.

Randy Johnson


3 thoughts on “Our Freedom is in Peril

  1. I have know for years that we in America are no longer free. If it is a right then there is no way it can be lost. As soon as it became illegal for the first American to own a firearm we began down the road toward become the next communist nation. If you stop and look at it we do not have any real freedom because the government has come up with laws that control everything we do, even the right to free speech does not exist because so many words and terms are now considered to be hate crimes.

    This November will be the first time I vote a I am almost certain that even if the guy I vote for is elected it will only postpone the venerable, the people of this country are going to have to deal with the fact that we are know longer a democracy and the government is know longer for the people by the people. We have already given up to many freedoms and we will not get them back with out going to war… There are to many people in power that want more power and they are not going anywhere unless they are forced too, everyone in this country has at least one person related to them that is in the armed forces in one way or another and soon those relatives will be sent to kill us how sure are you that when the time comes they will chose family over the brain washing they have received as part of their train after all the sore to defend the government from all threats both foreign and domestic. If you stop and think about it the government has know that it was just a matter of time before the people decided that it was time for a change and they are not going to just step aside and let the people restructure the country to the way we want it.

    • Barry I feel your pain. It is a disgrace that our country has gotten to the condition it is in. But we really have no one to blame but ourselves. We continue to vote the same people in office year after year and they keep marching us to financial ruin by spending more money than we pay in taxes. A large portion of them think we should surrender our right to bear arms and in affect our right to self defence. I do however believe it can be turned around if enough people will start voting for candidates other than Republicans and Democrats. It seems to me that both parties are in allegance with wealthy supporters and their voice is heard above ours. We need candidates that are for the people and not oweing favors to those who would diminish our freedom. The most sacred trust we have in our elected official is that they protect our freedom above all else. If they fail in that task, we as citizens must hold them accountable by voting them out of office. The young people in this country have the most to lose and yet they are the least involved. Do we really want to allow our leaders to continue to bankrupt our country leaving mountains of debt to the youngest of our people. The only way to stop this madness is to vote these people out of office and replace them with people who will protect our rights and our country. If a candidate like that is not running for office then consider stepping up and running for office yourself. We are losing our freedom because we are to lazy to stand up for it. It takes work and diligence to maintain freedom because there are always people who would like to take it away. We must be vigilant and watch those who lead us and let them know what we expect from them. Praise them when they protect our rights and chastise them when they don’t. The main things we need right now are to communicate our expectations to them and then hold them accountable. I do not believe it is to late to restore freedom in America and I will not give up on the country that I love. Don’t neglect to vote in November and let your Congressman and Senator know how you feel. We can win this war against us but we have to stand up and be heard.
      Randy Johnson

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