Independance Day

At the passing of this Independence Day as a citizen of this country and a faithful American I can attest that we live in the greatest nation on the planet. We have liberties that are the envy of people all over the world. We have the right to free speech even against our own government and that is a wonderful thing when our rights are oppressed. Many people have been oppressed over the years since our country was founded like the Indians the Blacks and Women, and many have won equal freedom largely due to their insistence and perseverance in face of oppression. Brave Americans like Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy and Dr Martin Luther King Jr who fought for our rights at the cost of their own lives. Women’s rights advocates like Susan B. Anthony, Alice Pool and Lucy Burns and all the others who have stood for equal freedom in all forms and for all people. To all of those who have raised your voice in support of equal freedom and those brave men and women who have fought in support of our nation I salute you. It is people like you who have forged the way for the freedom we have and we owe our freedom to you. The only way to repay that debt is to insure that the next generation of Americans share in that freedom by providing them liberty and justice for all.
Let’s legalize marijuana now because there is no justice is persecuting and prosecuting people for a crime that is morally indifferent than drinking alcohol. Public decency laws are adequate to prevent people from doing things in public if they are offensive to society. If there is something so offensive about marijuana that it can’t be used by adults in private, I beg to ask. What is it? What about my liberty?

Randy Johnson