As I begin this quest for truth and justice I want you to know that I love this country and pray for it to succeed and prosper. My only pain comes from the injustice and damage to our freedom by our own government. We are all citizens of this country and we all deserve the same freedoms and protections afforded us in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the unalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

Randy Johnson

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  1. I am a 54 year old male who has worked hard all his life to have the things I have. Like most children of the 60’s and 70’s I was fully aware of the flow of marijuana flowing thru our towns and because I spent a lot of my time at school, it was very previlant there as well. My adult family members tried to scare us as children with the same scrare tatics that where used on the general population in the 30’s and 40’s. When I was old enough to make up my own mind about trying marijuana I did so. I admit I liked the effect but at no time did I ever feel out of control or addicted. This was during a time when you could buy a ounce of prime weed for $20. and believe me when I say the weed back then was just as good as anything I’ve smoked recently. I am not an avid user of marijuana. In fact , the last I smoked was more than 6 months ago. Not because I don’t have any but because I smoke when I want to not because it’s there. When I was younger it was more common to see me stoned than not but I grew up and developed responsibilities along the way. My point to all of this is that as an American I feel that if I want to sit in my living room and take a hit then it should not effect you or anyone else. I am an adult that pays adult tax’s. I vote. I live beside you and my kids go to school with yours. I believe in God and have strong spiritual values. I help my fellow man if and when it’s needed. These are just some of the things that make me an American but to most of you , If it became general knowledge that I smoked a little weed a couple of times a year I would be outcast by most of you. If I were caught with it on my person by a police officer it would cost me several of my rights , my job, not to mention lots of money to defend myself. It is time to let go of the old scarey tatics and lies that force people like myself to have to hide who we really are. I could go on forever about whats wrong with this whole war on drugs and what a big waste of time and tax payers money it has been. I could tell you stories about the Duponts and the Johnson and Johnsons of the world. I coult rant forever on the facts that I have been in pain management for over 15 years due to a back injury and how doctors think nothing about prescribing be 300 pain pills a month but to think a couple of bong hit a couple of times a day could do more and be much better on my body, and what about all the pharmaceuticals our children are sneaking out of moms purse? I know children who are taking enough adderal to keep me spinning all day, everyday. We need to step back people and look at whats going on in our little piece of the world. Quit using honest hard working people as scape goats for smoking a little weed when we have more pressing problems we need to deal with. We need to get behind people like Randy Johnson, the author of this page and support each other to help change the wrongs in this world. It’s got to start somewhere. Might as well be here. Just legalize it and put this whole mess behind us and move on to the things that really need our attention. If all of us who smoke or have ever smoked and agree that it’s time for a change sent NORMAL $25., voted this election and sent at least one letter to our state governments, marijuana would be legal to use in every state this year. Think about it!

    • Thanks for your comments Bill

      There are many organizations dedicated to legalizing marijuana and people should educate themselves and support the one that they agree with the most. I have several links on my home page of good pro marijana organizations but the list is far from complete. I still believe the best tool we have is to contact our government representatives and let them know our wishes. Without that they only respond to what they hear most, the voice of Corporate America through lobbyists.

      Randy Johnson

  2. i’ve been wondering for a long time where the people in this country with guts are at. i want to do something about a lot of things but what can one older lady do? for one we need to get the man who is president out,out of office.we have too much government in our lives & now obama care will go into effect..where has our freedom gone & what will we be in the future? no one should have the right to tell me i have to do anything!! i love this america too. i really dont give a dam who knows how or what i feel.

    • Yvonne thanks for your comments. I too wonder where all the freedom loving patriots have gone. Maybe there all to busy watching Dancing With The Stars or something. I can’t fix the problems we have in this country, only a united effort by all of us will work. All I can do is sound the alarm. The more support I get the louder I will ring freedoms bell. If people will stop electing lifetime politicians that owe their soul to Corporate America we can get our country back. I do believe the time for us to do that is now before it is too late. Vote for Mary the nurse or Joe the plumber or any other everyday American and get the corporate puppets out of office.

      Randy Johnson

      • randy we would be better off if willie nelson ran for president!! it also amazes me that drs will prescribe plenty of pain meds . how many women& men take all these depression junk mrds when they would be wiser to smoke weed., i dont mean stay stoned but give me cannibus any time over prozac,xanax, or any of that stuff any day..i truely believe the world would be less violent.

      • Yvonne we really can’t blame anyone but ourselves. We as a society voted all these people in and only we can vote them out. People need to be more responsible about how they vote and if a viable candidate is not available then consider running for office themselves. Maybe form a people’s party of candidates through facebook who don’t owe their election to big business.


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