Financial Statement 2012

Month Office Supplies Advertising Utilities Postage Bldg Maint Legal Bank Fees Sub Total Donations Total Expenses
January 271.43 0.00 271.43 271.43
February 0.00 0.00 0.00
March 761.82 761.82 761.82
April 1,753.95 35.61 11,019.00 12,808.56 12,808.56
May 728.43 180.82 16.01 475.00 1,400.26 1,400.26
 June 721.66 440.00 201.87 275.55 1,639.08 1,639.08
July 4,686.00 308.22 90.00 187.94 5.00 5,277.16 5,277.16
August 462.21 1,610.00 320.69 881.58 5.00 3,279.48 3,279.48
September 70.20 644.00 297.00 19.00 1,030.20 1,030.20
October 100.00 866.25 276.75 19.82 1,262.82 -18.00 1,244.82
November 26.87 100.00 35.74 19.00 181.61 181.61
December 212.62 100.00 352.40 247.50 19.00 931.52 931.52
Total 5,009.19 7,860.82 2,433.79 614.25 11,482.49 1,356.58 86.82 28,843.94 -18.00 28,825.94

2012 has been an interesting year.  I purchased the building at 706 S McGee St. In Borger, TX in December of 2011 for $22,500. In April I had the roof replaced to fix the leak and started purchasing office equipment and published my first article. In May I started advertising in the American Classified and then in July I also purchased an ad in USA Today. I ran into opposition from the start trying to find an insurance company who would sell me insurance on the building because I was trying to change the Federal laws against marijuana. I also met resistance from advertisers who refused to run ads for me for the same reasons. My initial goal was to start a discussion with the people in America who are opposed to legalization of marijuana because I believe that discussion and debate are long overdue. Almost all the feedback I received was in support of this cause with the one exception being Ryan. Thank you Ryan for your thoughts and debate. I had hoped for donations to allow for continuing advertising but that just didn’t happen. I am currently advertising at and it only costs $100 a month. I think I can afford that for a while with utilities. Building maintenance and office equipment should be considerably less this year and that will help. While disappointed about the lack of financial support, I am not discouraged. I did receive one donation for the amount of $18 from Kim M. in California of which PayPal kept 82 cents. Thanks a bunch Kim for your trust in me and your generosity. Thanks also for those who took the time to read my posts and comment on them. Those comments sustain me and give me the strength to continue and are greatly appreciated. I am encouraged for positive change in 2013 by the legalization of marijuana by Washington and Colorado. I will continue writing letters to Congress and the President and posting articles relevant to the legalization effort. I will also look for new ways to try and influence public opinion and win the support of our elected officials. Thanks again for all of you who take time out of your busy lives to support efforts like this.

Happy 2013

Randy Johnson

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